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Our Mission A Voice for the Innocent is a non-profit community dedicated to the support of those affected by rape and sexual abuse by offering a safe and compassionate space to share stories and seek help. Learn More.

American college campuses have a serious problem regarding sexual assault. Not only were 1 in 5 college students victims of sexual What they might not know is that they have Hope Volunteering Without a Story When I read the comments posted on the stories on our site, I notice that some volunteers share their own experiences of sexual violence.

Innocent Survivors

Prev Next. Stories matter Survivors of sexual violence often feel they need help, but can face many barriers that cause them to keep their stories inside.

Survivors are often ignored because they are not a threat. A greater willingness exists to rehabilitate terrorists then help survivors.

Believing Survivors Does Not Equal a "Guilty" Verdict

The challenges facing the Yazidi community exist in post-conflict zones all over the world. In , there were approximately 6.

When will the needs of innocent survivors be addressed in a manner similar to the needs of individuals in detention? When will the internationally community prioritize the needs of survivors, rather than continuing to victimize the victims? The international community must address the needs of , Yazidis living in internal displacement camps in northern Iraq where they have lived for over 4 years, without access to basic needs and services, with the same zealous they are evaluating the potential relocation of ISIS fighters.

We cannot forget, over 3, Yazidi women and girls are still missing. For Yazidis, the genocide is on-going.

Because You Must Consider What the Survivor Has to Gain

Until Sinjar is rebuilt, the administrative dispute between Baghdad and Erbil is resolved, and the Yazidi community can safely return to their ancestral homeland, the genocide committed by ISIS will continue. If internally displaced persons were given the choice of remaining in a camp or serving a prison term in the west where they would be provided security, food, clothing and education; some would choose temporary incarceration over a continued existence in a living hell. My greatest fear is that if the world still fails to act, my community — the Yazidi community - will cease to exist.

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And if my people — the Yazidi people - cease to exist, who will be next? Your community, your family? There is no appropriate punishment. The only appropriate action is to help survivors. Thomson Reuters Foundation is a charity registered in England and Wales registration number: About Thomson Reuters Foundation.

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